So much drama...

I'm Stina.
I love Doctor Who.
I love Harry Freaking Potter.
I am the Disney Generation.
I am a Whedonite.
I'm an inherited Trekkie.
I Want to Believe.


I drew a thing. I started out with a profile of Cindy and then decided to complete the list. And yes, that’s Princess Leia. She gets to be part of my collection. -puts on cool shades-

I’d kinda like to do all the Disney heroines?? I really had fun with these. WE SHALL SEE, SCHOOL IS STARTING ON MONDAY.

Here’s the image not chopped up.

(via professorspork)

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I’ve read the responses to my previous posts, and about the what-is-it-under-the-blanket question:

I’m never really the person to harp on plot holes, but I don’t actually think this was a plot hole so much as an intentional mystery. I think it’s meant to be left a mystery, whether it’s the…